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I specialise in 'home from home' day care and licensed home boarding.  I am happy to feed your dog if you provide their food.  Our dogs are fed a raw diet so I can cater for this, if required. 

The dogs in my care are walked in small groups.  I utilise the local countryside and adapt the walks to the breed and age of the dogs as best I can.  Puppies will always be given shorter walks to protect their developing joints.


If you are interested in either daycare or home boarding, please contact me to discuss further.

Lewes dog walker

Formerly an orchestral librarian, I now provide fully insured day care and licensed home boarding.  My aim is to provide safe, enjoyable home from home daycare/boarding.  During the day I give the dogs in my care stimulating walks and cuddles when requested.  I have an accredited Level 2 qualification in 'First Aid for Dogs' (Laser Learning Awards, Galen Therapy Centre).


Dogs have always been a large part of my life.  I grew up with cocker spaniels and crossbreeds and own Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas.


In addition to attending dog shows and ringcraft classes, where my daughter is learning the art of Junior Handling, my dogs and I love to explore the local countryside.  Over the years I have built up a varied repertoire of interesting, dog-friendly walks which I would love to share with your dog.

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