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Day Care (from Jan 2022)

£25 - per day (Mon-Fri)

£30 - per day (Sat, Sun & BH)

Includes: approximately 1.5-2 hours exercise (if age/breed appropriate), company and feeding (food not included)

Home Boarding (from Jan 2022)

£30 - per night / 24 hours (Weekdays &/or bookings of 2 nights or more)

£35 - per night / 24 hours (Fri-Sun if only 1 night booked)

N.B.: All dogs need to be up-to-date with core vaccinations (titre tests are accepted) and worming/flea treatments (required under licencing regulations)


Please feel free to contact me to discuss any individual requirements. 

The needs of your dog are paramount.

Due to our current canine charges, adult male unneutered dogs cannot be catered for sadly.

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