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COVID-19 - updated November 2020


Guidance from the CFSG (Canine & Feline Sector Group) currently (4/11/20) notes that “there remains no evidence that pets are implicated in the transmission of Coronavirus to people and infection of the pet is rare, but that there is some risk of virus potentially being carried from person to person on pets and their belongings although scientific assessment is now that such transmission is relatively unlikely”.


Therefore, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 Strolling Hounds have a duty of care to make best endeavours to ensure that we reduce the risk of exposure and infection to our clients.  Risk assessment will be ongoing and will continue to guide COVID secure measures.


A crucial element to prevent spread is the status of each household.  Clearly contact with an infected or self-isolating household carries a higher risk so it is vital that any change of status is communicated to Strolling Hounds as a matter of urgency if daycare or boarding has recently taken place.  Likewise, we will communicate such information to any relevant clients.


Strolling Hounds will adhere to the CFSG guidelines and expect their clients to follow suit to protect all.

Privacy Policy – updated May 2018


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