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Q: Where do you walk?

Serving Lewes and the surrounding area, I utilise the South Downs National Park, the Ouse Valley and local Commons and woodland. I have enjoyed exploring this area for several decades now and will choose the walk taking into consideration the dogs, the weather and the location of livestock.

Q: How long are the walks?

The group walks will be around 70 minutes.  I believe decent exercise is vital to a dog's mental and physical well-being.  However, when walking puppies I always recommend shorter walks to protect their developing joints.  Please see The Kennel Club's advice for exercising puppies.  Also, some breeds may require shorter walks.

Q: Do you walk dogs off the lead?

I am happy to walk your dog off the lead providing I have your written permission. Your dog will also have to have good recall and be unlikely to run off. Otherwise I am happy to lead walk and will always put all dogs on a lead near to livestock.

Q: Do you walk in all weathers?

The short answer to this is yes, I am happy to walk in all weathers.  If your dog requires a coat in cold and/or wet conditions please leave one out.  On hot days I will stick to shady walks.  In extreme weather, when, for example, the Met Office is warning of severe gales, walks may have to be rescheduled or an alterative service offered.  I would always consult with you and the safety and wellbeing of your dog would be paramount.


If your dog gets muddy, which is unavoidable at certain times of the year, I will hose him/her down with tepid water and towel dry before returning them to your home.

Q: Please can you tell me more about your day care service?

I try to be flexible to fit in with your and your dog's needs.  My aim is to provide 'home from home' day care while you are busy.  A typical day would include at least 2 hours exercise either in one long walk or 2 shorter ones (puppies and certain breeds will be given less exercise and more training/mental stimulation), feeding (if required), cuddles, a little training/playtime and company while they sleep. I am happy for you to drop off/collect or I can collect etc. if needed.

Q: How do you transport the dogs?

My vehicle is fitted with lockable bespoke crates designed by Lintran. They are fitted with vet bedding and have an alternative exit for extra safety.

Q: How can I book your services?

Please contact me via email or mobile.  We can then arrange a home visit at a mutually convenient time where you and your dog can meet me and I can explain my services.  If you wish to proceed you will need to complete and sign an agreement form. 


Please note: I do not answer my mobile during dog walks but if you leave a message I will get back to your as soon as I can. 

Q: Do you use treats?

I carry healthy treats (dried liver and home-made liver cake), which I use sparingly to reinforce positive behaviour, in particular recall. The latter can be broken into small pieces to protect waistlines. Please inform me of any allergies.

Q: What ingredients are in the liver cake?

The recipe includes: lambs liver; seeded flour; eggs; tumeric; olive oil; garlic.

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